Hajj – 5th Pillar of Islam

Islam’s holiest city of Makkah hosts millions of Muslims to perform the annual hajj pilgrimage. Being the fifth pillar of Islam, hajj is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims.

Adult Muslims are required to perform hajj at least once in lifetime if they have the physical and financial ability.

For many pilgrims, hajj is perceived to be a journey of the body and the soul at the same time.

This booklet will act as a guiding companion and help you in every stage of hajj and has other necessary information to ensure minimal errors while performing hajj.

May Allah accept your hajj and keep you amongst the righteous. Ameen!

Currently the Haj Guide is in Urdu and Hindi language only, however, work on English and Bengali language is in progress.

Please give do give us feedback about the book.

Download Link – Urdu http://www.alrahmanpnp.com/download-section/hajguide/hajjguide_urdu.pdf

Download Link – Hindi http://www.alrahmanpnp.com/download-section/hajguide/hajjguide_hindi.pdf